Drama features

Cargo 117: Radio Feature


“Gregory Lentz in a cockpit” by Ccoonnrraadd – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

When Cargo 117 – a plane travelling between London and Memphis – goes missing over the English Channel, Investigator Michael Clement loses everything in the pursuit of finding the truth.

But after a decade has passed and it seems the case will never be solved, Cargo 117 emerges from the sea to haunt Michael one last time.

Recording with purely diegetic sounds, this radio feature follows the recordings of Michael’s final investigation and a chance at redemption as he and his predecessor Amanda attempt to answer –  what really happened to Cargo 117?

Written, produced and directed by Simon Scott


Michael Clement: Kenneth Mcloone

Amanda Jenkinson: Autumn Bonham Cox

Captain Paul Hewitt: Thom Petty

Daniel Clarke: Axsle Neil

Simon Scott: Traffic Control

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