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Homophobic attack caught on CCTV

Troxy Club, East London. Image: Jbanham91/Wikimedia Commons

The Met Police is appealing for information about a homophobic assault which took place in East London last week.

Images from CCTV have been released, showing one of the two suspects involved in the incident.

The 42 year old victim, Gordon Maxwell, was spotted by the suspects outside the Troxy Club in Tower Hamlets.

The incident took place at approximately 3 am on the 3rd December 2017.

At this time, Mr Maxwell was leaving the club, wearing a white dress, Doc Marten boots, and a brown jacket.

The Met Police say he was the target of a homophobic comment by the first suspect, who was waiting by the barriers outside the club.

The first suspect is described as a white man of medium build wearing a blue hooded jacket.

The second suspect then ran over to Mr Maxwell, and punched him on the right-hand side of his face.

Footage of the second suspect has been released by the Metropolitan Police, who would like to speak to him in connection with the incident.

The man is described as being of Asian or black appearance, and wearing a blue puffa-style jacket, dark tracksuit trousers, and dark trainers with white soles.

It was later discovered by hospital staff that Mr Maxwell’s injury, a fractured cheekbone, required reconstructive surgery.

Gordon Maxwell is clear about the motivation behind the assault: ‘I fully believe I was targeted that evening because of my sexuality.’

He added:

This incident has had a massive affect on all aspects of my life. I am afraid to leave the house and to be at home alone. It has totally shattered my confidence.

Detective Constable Alice Tiritas of Tower Hamlets CID, said:

We take hate crime like this extremely seriously, and will do our utmost to bring perpetrators of this type of unacceptable attack to justice.

If there is anyone out there who saw these two men or heard them abuse Gordon, please contact us as a matter of urgency.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the investigation team on 020 7275 4601 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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