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Six year sentence for driver in fatal hit and run collision

Ugur Unlu and Huseyin Kaygisiz. Image: Metropolitan Police

A man has been sentenced at the Old Bailey to six years imprisonment after he killed a cyclist in Enfield through reckless driving.

Anita Szucs was knocked off her bike in a residential area of Enfield after Ugur Unlu caused the head on collision by driving at 50 mph in a 20 mph zone.

Judge Rebecca Poulet QC said:

You must have put your foot flat on the floor…did not need to have driven a car that night…could have walked home.

23 year old Mr Unlu pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, causing death while driving without insurance, and dangerous driving relating to the post-collision period when he drove at speed with a smashed windscreen.

The owner of the car, Huseyin Kaygisiz, who was with Unlu at the time of the collision, has been sentenced to 24 weeks in prison, 150 hours of unpaid work, and two months on a tagged curfew for allowing Unlu to drive without insurance.

The victim’s husband, Tamas Mezo, released a statement following the sentence:

I hope that the death of my wife will make drivers think about the way they drive in future, such as their speed and when to overtake, as a moment of madness can have far reaching consequences. If this could prevent one death or injury in future I would at least have something positive to take away from this.

DC Darren Case from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit said:

We support Anita’s husband’s plea to drivers to think about their manner of driving, such as their speed and when and where to overtake in order to prevent any further loss of life or injury to other road users.


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