How people from other countries deal with the ‘dreadful’ snow in the UK?

A satellite image on 28th February. Image: @UkSnowMap

A satellite image on 28th February. Image: @UkSnowMap

The UK has been suffering the affects of Storm Emma, with sudden and heavy snow during the past week.

Weather warnings have been Red for several days and it is at Yellow today.

Climate change experts say extreme weather is likely to occur more frequently.

It is necessary for British people to learn how to deal with the cold and snow.

Let’s see what visitors from colder countries think of the UK winter compared to their own.

Hanne R. Utheim and Synne Nordeng Kosmo are from Norway and talk about what the snow is like during a winter in their country.

The icy winter in Norway always has vast amounts of snow with icy cold rain, and typically lasts from October to May.

The temperatures can drop to at least minus thirty degrees.

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They found that last week’s snow caused a chaos in the UK, especially in London.

People hadn’t prepare for it and all types of transportation suffered delays.

This is uncommon in Norway.

Synne also mentioned that she noticed some British people left their cars running to keep their cars warm whilst they were not inside.

She said this is considered terrible for the environment in Norway and perpetrators can be can fined.

Hanna suggested people in the UK should be more prepared to face the cold harsh winter.

They should dress wisely for the conditions, instead of just wearing many layers.

It’s also a struggle for visitors to the UK from warm climates.

Nikki Myrie is from Miami, USA and has not enjoyed ‘the freezing’ storm experience in London.

In Miami, the average temperature is from 17 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius in winter, rarely dropping below 5 degrees.

There’s never any snow in Miami.

This year is her first experience of a snowy London winter.

She says she had to suddenly buy lots warm coats and sweaters:

I don’t like the cold weather that we had last week. I tried to stay inside as much as possible. It is way too cold for me but people here seem to like the snow.

To help during these cold periods, the BBC provides some tips to British people on how to keep warm during the winter.






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