Winnie Mandela has died

Winnie Mandela Image: MichaelNov Flickr

Winnie Madikezela-Mandela has passed away.

The anti-apartheid struggle icon had been ill for a number of years.

She was most recently admitted to Milpark Hospital due to a kidney infection.

The last time she was in hospital was in October 2017 for a knee surgery from which she recovered.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for his fight against apartheid.

Embed from Getty Images

During the 27 years of imprisonment of her ex-husband, Madikizela-Mandela campaigned for his release and the rights of black South Africans.

For years she was routinely harassed by apartheid- state security forces, imprisoned and tortured.

She was often away from her two daughters with Mandela.

In 1977 she was banished to a remote town in the middle of the country to separate her from the heart of the movement she led in Soweto.

White minority rule ended in 1994.

The former South African first lady was born in the village of Mbongweni, Bizana, in the Transkei.





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