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Music Review: Bad Honey EP Launch

Teresa Origone and Lydia Clowes. Image: Bad Honey

Teresa Origone and Lydia Clowes, the duo from South East London formerly known as LVNA, have moved on to bigger things as Bad Honey.

Above the crepe dresses and silk shirts of the vintage shop below, a sweaty hub gathers round a small stage draped in velvet.

This is Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney, and it marks the launch of Bad Honey’s debut EP, Better in Time.

Support act, Sans Soucis Experience, is mesmerizing.

A meditative maraca keeps a swaying beat, although it’s not quite enough to underpin the building harmonies.

But as the group is without its drummer this evening – this is an understandable omission.

Sans Soucis Experience is a collective formed by Sans Soucis, AKA Giulia Grispino, an Italo-Congolese Afro-soul artist.

Giulia’s vocals are deep, sonorous and soaring, beautifully blended with the folky notes of her backing vocalists.

Being immersed in their sound makes you feel weightless, a fitting state given that their name, Sans Soucis, means ‘no worries’.

A quartet of women, Bad Honey, headlined with full energy on board, without doubt the highlight of the night.

Opening with ‘Motions’, ‘round and round and round and round I go’, the audience was swept up with the swerve of harmonies.

A synthy backing and dembow drum beat builds momentum.

‘Motions’ is the first release of their new EP, Better in Time, out on Friday, 20th April.

It was recorded on Søndre Sandøy, an island off Norway; a sense of space and swaying open sea connects with that geography.

Twisting and turning melodies and intertwining rhythms create a dreamy electronic soul.

There’s an endearing honesty about Bad Honey that doesn’t fit their name.

Before one song, Lydia Clowes (lead vocals), talks to the audience about how the song ‘Time is Not’, which they cover, is like a song on Black Mirror, but isn’t.

They found it on YouTube and thought it sounded cool.

Stuck on You, their new single, is a catchy, soul searching story of infatuation.

Moreish pop tropes.

Backing vocals are ironic and laid back and lead singer Lydia effortlessly takes her voice in different directions – you never know what’s coming next.

Teresa Origone practically spins on a cheeky grin while while she plays keyboard.

Combining electronic loops, dreamy vocal harmonies, synths, keyboard, bass and drum beats, make Bad Honey a rich, honeyed mix of pop and soul.

By the end of the gig, I was in love with them all.

Bad Honey’s latest EP, ‘Better in Time’ is out this Friday, 20 April 2018

Teresa Origone and Lydia Clowes. Image: Bad Honey

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