Dishes: The Untold Story

The feature poster

What happens when two former contractors to the US Department of Defence, a soprano singer and a journalist – who loves to sing, all come together to discuss a secret that is yet to be unveiled to the world?!

The answer to that question could be in the following ten minute radio mockumentary.

As we pass through the sheer immensity of the space-time continuum, the mere sound of song, coupled with the banal task of dishwashing, takes on new dimensions leading you to an unexpected discovery.


Written and produced by:
Muhammad F. Abdulrahman

Cast (track respectively):
Monika Ghosh as Herself
Faith Wadle as Herself
Kevin Darby as Max Fitzgerald
Anthony Powell as Conor James

Music (track respectively):
“Ella Fitzgerald – It Don’t Mean A Thing” composed by Duke Ellington. Lyrics by Irving Mills 1931. Cover by Monika Ghosh 2018
“With my Thoughts “, composed by Muhammad Farouk 2018. Performed by Faith Wadle. Arranged and mixed by Chris Janes.
“Fly Me To The Moon” written by Bart Howard 1954 . Cover by Monika Ghosh 2018.
“Apprehensive at Best” composed by Biz Baz Studio, Royalty Free Music at YouTube audio library.
“Casual Desire” composed by Ugonna Onyekwe, Royalty Free Music at YouTube audio library.
“They Can’t Take That Away From Me”, composed by George Gershwin. Lyrics by Ira Gershwin. 1937. Cover by Monika Ghosh 2018

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