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Wife of Terror Victim Chris Bevington Testifies in Court: ‘He was my everything’

Terror attack in Stockholm

On April 7th, 2017, a hijacked truck drove down one of Stockholm’s busiest shopping areas, killing five people including British Chris Bevington. IMAGE: Frankie Fouganthin (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The wife of Chris Bevington, the British victim of the Stockholm lorry attack last April, has testified in Swedish court as the trial against driver Rahkmat Akilov comes to an end.

Her husband and son headed without her to Drottninggatan, one of Stockholm’s busiest shopping areas, when she saw a news flash stating that a lorry had run down the same street that her son and Chris Bevington were going to.

Rahkmat Akilov

Rahkmat Akilov is suspected of driving the truck which killed five and injured several during the Stockholm terror attack. IMAGE: Swedish Police

Her son was found the same day, but she learnt of her husband’s death the following night and told courts she ‘wanted to cease to exist’.

She said that the day of the attack was ‘the worst in her life’, reports Omni.

Last week Chris’s father John Bevington also testified in court, and told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet the pain of their loss grows bigger every day:

Its been the most devastating year for his family and ourselves, and as he was such a compassionate, family orientated and supportive person it was dreadful for him to be killed in such a way. We still mourn him, we always will. We will never be able to recover from it, and it’s desperately sad.

Chris Bevington, who died at the age of 41, was a father of two, and worked for the music streaming service Spotify.

While the hijacked truck was heading towards them, he saved his seven year old son by pushing him out of the way.

In this morning’s episode of the Lauren Laverne programme, on BBC Radio 6, his friend Sam Haddad featured on a segment called ‘Memory Tape’.

She describes him as a ‘great guy’ and explains that now, a year on from his death, music helps her remember their happy times and that ‘talking about him is a really nice thing’.



Today marks the last day of hearings in the trial against the driver and terror suspect Rakhmat Akilov.

Video from ABC news, prior to Rakhmat Akilovs arrest:

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