Fresh doubt cast over Sadiq Khan’s Oxford Street plans, and other stories

Oxford Street. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Sadiq Khan’s plans to pedestrianise Oxford Street have been challenged by Westminster Council who say it should be halted.

Council Chief Daniel Astaire, who is a vocal opponent of Sadiq Khan’s plans, said no proposals put forward by the Mayor so far had been ‘acceptable’ to the council.

In a recent meeting, Mr Astaire said:

When I took over responsibility for the Oxford Street agenda, the results of the consultation had just been received. Despite the errors, which led to its reopening, it was clear that the overwhelming majority of Westminster’s residents and businesses were opposed to the concept.

Our reporter Hannah Hufford met with Green Party candidate for the Marylebone High Street ward in Westminster Council to find out his  opinions.

YouTube channels support essay writing service

Over two hundred fifty YouTube channels have carried ads for an essay writing service, which critics say can help students to cheat on academic work.

A BBC investigation found YouTubers, including some with millions of subscribers, have released videos endorsing EduBirdie, a company based in the Ukraine and selling services worldwide.

It is argued that hese services encourage students to commit academic misconduct.

This is considered unethical and can lead to disciplinary action from universities.

Exeter University take action to tackle racism on campus

The main library in Exeter University. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Exeter University has expelled a number of its law students over allegations of racism.

The action is the outcome of an internal investigation, started after one of the students published a screen-grab of a Whatsapp conversation on twitter in March.

According to an email that was sent to staff and students by the University’s Vice Chancellor, those students involved received expulsions, suspensions and other sanctions.

The NHS in staffing crisis.

The NHS is facing a shortage of staff and Labour says the situation has serious patient care implications.

The Labour Party is complaining that the number of doctors from the European Union who are willing to come to the UK for work is falling as a result of Brexit.

But efforts to make up the shortfall by recruiting from outside the EU are being thwarted by visa restrictions.

It’s been revealed that 100 Indian-nationals who were offered jobs with the NHS could not take the positions because they were denied entry into the country.

Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health secretary, says it makes no sense for the UK to turn away trained doctors.



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