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Tory Eurosceptics battle PM, and other stories

BREXIT symbol. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

BREXIT symbol. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

The Prime Minister is facing a backlash from Tory Eurosceptics over the Government’s proposed customs partnership with the EU.

Influential Eurosceptic Jacob Rees Mogg spoke to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning, condemning the proposal as ‘deeply unsatisfactory’, adding that it would not get the UK out of the European Union.

Despite this, he says he stills supports the Prime Minister.

A cabinet meeting today will continue negotiations over the UK’s trading position after Brexit.

Kanye West suggests African-American slavery was ‘a choice’

Kanye West 2010-10-21 001.tiff

Kanye West. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Kanye West has caused widespread outrage after making controversial remarks in his latest TV interview.

He has said the enslavement of African Americans over centuries may have been a ‘choice’.

‘We’re mentally imprisoned,’ the star added. He recently made headlines for his support for President Trump.

Kanye has since tweeted saying that his words were misinterpreted, acknowledging that free will did not play a part in the slave trade.

Donald Trump wrote own health letter, says his former doctor

Donald J. Trump. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump’s former doctor, Harold Bornstein, says the president dictated a letter supposedly penned by Dr Bornsteen, declaring the president’s good health.

The letter was written in 2015 and described the president’s health as ‘astonishingly excellent’.

Dr Bornstein added that Trump’s bodyguard raided his offices in 2017, taking Mr Trump’s medical records.

The White House has not yet offered a comment on the allegations.

Queensbury Tube shooting: One dead and another hurt

Queensbury tube station. Image: Wikimedia Commons

A crime scene remains in place in Cumberland Road and Essoldo Way, where police say the attacks are believed to have taken place.

The victim, believed to be in his 30s, was found with serious injuries outside Queensbury Tube station, at about 21:00 BST on Tuesday, and died at the scene.

The other man, in his 20s, remains in hospital in a stable condition after a gunshot wound.

Police said they were investigating the death as murder.

Rosie Lumley has more details.

John Bercow denies new bullying allegations

John Bercow. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, denies new allegations of bullying his former private secretary.

During the time he was working for the speaker, Angus Sinclair said that Mr Bercow undermined him, used obscene language, and smashed a phone on his desk.


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