Crime & the Law

Wiley calls on young people to stop using weapons, and other stories

Wiley. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The rapper Wiley has called for young people to stop using weapons, while the rise in knife and gun crime continues.

The Grime star, who has been stabbed twenty one times, criticised youth club closures which have left young people with nothing to do.

He also spoke out against the gap between rich and poor and and the culture of council estates, which he says are ‘designed to keep you down.’

RAF strikes on ISIS in Iraq ‘may have killed civilians’

Gavin Williamson. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

A source inside the coalition fighting the Islamic State Group has said he believes civilians have been killed as a result of UK and US led air strikes.

The Ministry of Defence’s statement says it had seen ‘no evidence’ of civilian casualties.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has now released a tweet admitting a civilian was killed in a UK airstrike targeting Islamic State in Syria.

Women accused of acid attack denies murdering boyfriend

A woman accused of murdering her ex-partner in an acid attack has told Bristol Crown Court she was abused by him in the time leading up to the incident.

Berlinah Wallace, who denies murder, said she could be ‘mouthy’ and ‘nasty’ with Mark van Dongen. She would call him names such as ‘prostitute’ and ‘paedophile’ and would scratch and bite him and throw things at him.

Bristol Crown Court has heard that Mr Van Dongen died at a euthanasia clinic after being left ‘at the limits of tolerable pain’ following the alleged attack.

Photography and abstract art show now in Tate Modern

An exhibition exploring the relationship between photograpy and abstract art has begun in The Tate Modern today.

It’s called the Shape of Light: One hundred years of photography and abstract art.

Our reporter Vincent Jin gives us more details.

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