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Palestinian death toll rises in Gaza border clashes, and other stories

IMAGE: Israel Defense Forces (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Death toll rises following protests against US embassy move to Jerusalem

The number of Palestinian protestors shot dead by Israeli troops in Gaza has risen to 41, according to Palestinian officials.

Thousands of Palestinians are marching in protest against the official move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

They see the decision as supporting Israeli rule over the whole of Jerusalem.

Palestinians believe the Eastern part of Jerusalem is rightfully theirs, reports the BBC.

President Donald Trump continues to support the move and concluded in a tweet that it is a ‘Big day for Israel’.

A heterosexual couple fight for the right to civil partnership.

Embed from Getty Images

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Kiedan say it is unfair that mixed-sex couples can marry but not enter into a civil partnership.

The academics from West London want a legal union that does not carry what they call a ‘patriarchal baggage’.

The Civil Partnership Act of 2004 currently states that only same-sex couples are eligible to become civil partners.

The couple suffered a defeat at the Court of Appeal in February but were granted the right to a Supreme Court hearing which is being held today.

Oxford University apologises for International Women’s Day mishap

Oxford University has apologised after the publication of a photo of a female cleaner scrubbing out graffiti that said ‘Happy International Women’s Day’.

The incident has actually occurred on International Women’s Day, and has been widely critised on social media after Sophie Smith, an associate professor at the university, shared the image on twitter.

Ms Smith said in her tweet that security ordered the cleaner to wash off the message from the steps of the university’s Clarendon Building.

Oxford University say in their statement that the incident ‘should not have happened’:

We are deeply sorry for this and for offense caused. International Women’s Day is hugely important to Oxford.

Manslaughter trial of three people in London for allegedly supplying DNP diet drug to student

The Inner London Crown Court. Image: MRSC at English Wikipedia

Three people appeared in court today accused of providing the illegal DNP diet drug to Eloise Parry, a 21-year old student.

Mary Roberts and her business partners Albert Huynh, Bernardo Rebelo are being prosecuted by Harrow Borough Council for the manslaughter of Miss Parry in April 2015.

They have also been charged with supplying an ‘unsafe’ food supplement containing DNP on the market between February 2014 and February 2016.

Ms Roberts is also facing a charge of money laundering in being accused of illegally transferring twenty thousand pounds on behalf of Mr Rebelo.

The trial is expected to take up to eight weeks and is taking place at Inner London Crown Court in Borough.

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