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A little piano concert everyday

Lewisham Station DLR Entrance Image: Muhammad Abdulrahman

Nature hasn’t given us any background music to accompany our daily lives; that only happens in films.

However, from time to time some initiatives take place that allow us to get a glimpse of that movie-like life.

A kid pressing the keys while a man plays Image: Muhammad Abdulrahman

When a piano appeared at Lewisham Station last summer, the commuter experience changed.

Teenagers, adults, and even kids have taken time out from their day to play the piano.

The piano installation is part of an initiative to spread the melodies in all stations.

The man behind it, who works for The Southeastern High-Speed Trains, says:

First piano I came across was through a friend who wanted to get rid of it. I love the idea of music in stations and community involvement, so I offered it to all stations…Then more and more stations asked for piano’s so I started asking friends. When that avenue ran out, I went to community websites. It’s amazing how much people are willing to help when you give them a chance.

According to Karim Belhaddad, Lewisham Station Manager, the initiative is spreading, and they have made plans for an additional piano installation in Blackheath in the coming weeks.

So, Next time you visit Lewisham Station, make sure you press some keys too.

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