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Bed bugs found in Kings College Hospital and other stories

Bed bugs found in Kings College Hospital maternity ward

Staff at the hospital in Denmark Hill, South London, said a number of beds were being treated for the bugs.

Kings College Hospital where the bugs were found. Image Credit: Google

A spokesperson says that patients are still being admitted to the ward, but visiting hours have been reduced.

Hospital staff are now required to wear ‘appropriate protective clothing’ while a deep clean is being carried out, and patients are being ‘informed of the situation, and those being discharged are being given advice and guidance’.

The creatures are not dangerous, but can cause itchy bites and inflamed red marks, which are treated by cooling and cleaning the affected area.

Bed bugs are difficult to remove once an infestation has developed, as some have built up a resistance to the insecticides used to kill them.

National Crime Agency says it’s budget needs to double

The NCA says that organised crime poses such a threat to the UK that an extra £3bn will be needed to fight it over the next three years.

The head of the agency, Lynne Owens, says that the public will ‘feel the consequences’ if the government cannot find the money to more than double its current £424m budget.

Embed from Getty Images

She says that the request for more money is to meet the rapidly changing ‘scale and complexity’ of threats by offenders.

The agency’s annual review of organised crime says the UK has more than 4,500 groups with 37,0000 members, posing a ‘chronic and corrosive’ threat to the NCA.

Security minister Ben Wallace responded to the call for cash by acknowledging the threat, but as yet has not promised any more spending.

WhatsApp discovers surveillance attack

The phone messaging service WhatsApp has uncovered a vulnerability that allows hackers to remotely install surveillance software.

WhatsApp have urged users to update. Image credit: Joe Carden

All 1.5bn users of the app have been urged to update their devices via their app stores after a security fix was rolled out.

Facebook, who owns WhatsApp, says the attack targets a ‘select number’ of users and was conducted by ‘an advanced cyber actor’.

Hackers used the app’s voice calling function to phone a target device, which would install the tracking software and then often remove any trace from the call log, and let attackers read a user’s messages.

A user on Twitter, however, questioned why the app store update description made no reference to the security flaw when WhatsApp prides itself on secure end-to-end encryption.

Man City face possible Champions League ban

The Uefa  investigatory panel have been looking at evidence from leaks published by the German newspaper Der Spiegel last year.

Embed from Getty Images

The reports alleged that Manchester City broke Financial Fair Play regulations by over-valuing a sponsorship deal to funnel money into the club.

City were fined £49m in 2014 for a previous breach of regulations.

The club have denied any wrongdoing, and Uefa said it could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

Chairman of the panel and former Belgian prime minister, Yvez Leterme, is expected to give his recommendation in the next 48 hours.

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