Theresa May under fire over Brexit plan and other stories

Prime Minister Theresa May. Source: @Number10Gov

Theresa May under fire new Brexit plan

The Prime minister will present her new Brexit plan to Parliament later today outlining the changes to the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

Several senior Tories are asking for a rule change to allow a no-confidence vote in her leadership.

Labour MPs have also criticized the PM’s new plan.

Shadow Brexit secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, maintains that this new offer is ‘too weak’.


80-year-old man pushed over by a driver in Penge

The incident occurred yesterday evening, at about 19.50 BST, when the man was crossing Parish Lane in Penge and  was almost hit by a silver vehicle.

The Metroplitan Police say this led to a verbal dispute, which rapidly escalated and the car’s driver pulled over, chased the man and allegedly pushed him.

After the assault, the attacker drove off leaving the man unconcious.

The victim suffered injuries including a broken wrist, nose and cheekbone.

The suspect is described as a man in his 40’s who also had a female passenger in the car.

CCTV image silver car attack in Penge. Source: the Metropolitan Police

British Expats fear postal votes

British citizens living in France have experienced several issues over the postal vote for the European election.

A high percentage of postal voting forms have arrived late, or not at all.

Voters are afraid that their ballots will not count.

The UK will go to the polls on Thursday, between 07:00 BST and 22:00 BST.

US Uber employee was a Somali war criminal

The driver from Virginia was found responsible for the torture of Farhan Tani Warfaa more than three decades ago.

Until this month, the identity of the former Somali colonel was not common knowledge.

The Uber driver also had a high 4.89 rating.

According to court documents, Somali citizen Yusuf Abdi Ali was a commander in the national army and supported dictator Mohamed Siad Barre.

Mr Warfaa was awarded with $500,000 in damages on Tuesday.

Uber phone app. Source: Londonmultimedianews

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