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Labour MP hits back claiming ‘I’m not a slapper’ and other stories

Labour MP faces critism over dress attire in Parliament 

Labour MP, Tracy Brabin, hits back following criticism of her off the shoulder dress, which she wore in the House of Commons.

Many on Twitter took to questioning whether the dress was truly appropriate attire for Parliament.

Tracy Brabin

Image: Tracy Brabin Wikipedia, Creative Commons.

The Shadow Culture Secretary said:

Not a slag, hungover, a tart, about to breastfeed, a slapper, drunk [or] just been banged over a wheelie bin.

The dress has caused alot of contraversy on Twitter. Tracy Brabin has previously spoken out about sexism in Politics, acussing members of her own party before the last general election.


Man admits Murder and Sexual Assualt of 89 year-old Dorothy Woolmer

A twenty three year old man has admitted to murdering and sexually assaulting an eighty nine year old woman from North London.

Dorothy Woolmer was found dead with severe injuries in her home in Tottenham in August of last year.

Dorothy Woolmer

Image: Dorothy Woolmer, Met Police.

The trial was informed of a convestation Dempster had with his former partner, on the night of the attack at his fathers house.

Dempster was said to have been “smoking crack and drinking three or four bottles of gin” he also told his girlfriend: “I went off and I went to rob a house; I think I hurt someone.”

Reece Dempster

Image: Reece Dempster, Met Police

Reece Dempster from Haringey is expected to be sentenced on Thursday.


Pretty Little Thing advert is BANNED

Fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing’s latest advert has been banned. The new advert featured women wearing exposing lingerie, and was reported to be ‘offensive.’

The Advertising Standards Authority said:

The AD on YouTube presented new products in an “overly-sexualised way” and depicted women as sex objects.

Pretty Little Thing

Image: Pretty Little Thing website,

Pretty Little Thing released a statement saying:

…it was in no way meant to cause any offence.

The retailer is amongst several online fashion companies to have been critised for their racy marketing campaigning.

It is not the first time Pretty Little Thing has had an advert banned,

In 2017 an advert featuring a model who appeared to be under 16 was banned for posing in a “sexually suggestive” manner.


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