Ten people infected with coronavirus on Japanese cruise ship and other stories

Coronavirus outbreak on a cruise ship

Ten people have been found confirmed as having coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in the Japanese port of Yokohama.

Of the 3,700 people on board, almost 300 have been tested so far.

The authorities worry that the number of those infected could rise.

The cruise passengers, except those infected with the virus, will be quarantined for two more weeks.



Pete Buttigieg leading after Iowa primary result

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Pete Buttigieg has the lead over Bernie Sanders in the first vote that will select the democratic candidate who will run against President Donald Trump in November’s election.

Buttigieg is ahead with 26.8% to Sanders with 25.2% after results from 71% of the precincts.

The vote in Iowa has been overshadowed by delays and technical problems.

The democrats stated that the delays were caused by a coding error in a new app used to report the results.

Donald Trump’s controversial state of the Union speech

President Donald Trump made his third State of the Union address earlier today.

Mr. Trump exposed the sharp divisions at the top of US politics and set out a case for another four years in office.

He appeared to reject a handshake offered by Democrat House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, who later tore up her copy of the President’s speech.



Twenty-six people killed from two avalanches in Van province, eastern Turkey

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Rescuers have been sent to search for two missing people believed to be trapped under snow after five deaths in an avalanche earlier on Tuesday.

A second avalanche wiped out rescue workers who were on the mountain site which surrounds Bahcesehir town which is on the border with Iran.

Thirty people had been rescued according to the authorities.


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