Coronavirus renamed as COVID-19 and other news

The World Health Organization has given a new name to the Coronavirus and warns that the desease is a global threat greater than terrorism.

The virus will now be officially called ‘COVID-19’ which refers to corona, virus, disease and the year of its outbreak.

It has affected almost 45,000 people and WHO officials are worried that its effects will create socio-political and economical issues worse than any terror attack.



Two letter bomb explosions in Netherlands

Two suspected letters with explosive devices have detonated in different parts in Netherlands.

The first exploded at 8 am this morning in a sorting office at Dutch ABM Amro around the Bussiness Park area in Amsterdam.

Another one blasted in a mail depot in the city of Kerkrade thirty minutes after.

No injuries were reported.



NATO considers expanding training mission in Iraq after US pressure

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In a NATO meeting in Brussels today, defence ministers are expected to extend their training mission In Iraq.

This comes after President Donald Trump has been urging stronger military involvement.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that non-combat operations in the Middle east will be discussed at the two-day meeting.


Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire Primary Democrat contest

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The left-wing senator, Bernie Sanders, has defeated former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttgieg in the democratic contest in New Hampshire.

It was a tight victory with the difference between the two candidates being only 1.6% of the overall 90% of votes.

In his speech, Mr. Sanders hailed this as a great win and the ‘beginning of the end’ of Donald Trump.


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