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UK Universities ask students to sign NDAs over sexual assault claims and other stories

UK Universities NDAs over sexual assault claims 

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It has been revealed that several UK Universities have been using Non-Disclosure Agreements to cover up sexual assault claims, bullying and poor teaching.

Several students have said they felt pressurised to sign the agreement, which would prevent them from going public with their complaints.

One student was even told if she broke her contract she would be expelled.

300 NDAs have been signed since 2016 to resolve student complaints, with 45 Universities paying out £1.3 million in total.

Individual payments have ranged between £250- £40,000.

The government says:

Harassment of any sort is abhorrent and high education providers have a responsibility to ensure they provide a safe and inclusive environment.

Michela Mancini spoke to Goldsmiths Student Union which said the use of NDAs leads to cover-up:

Lewisham and Croydon named borough council of culture 

Lewisham and Croydon have been named as London’s borough of culture.

One of the bids was backed by artist Stormzy.

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In 2021, Lewisham will receive the title and £1.35 million prize fund to hold cultural events and activities to celebrate the local community.

Croydon will follow in 2023.

The winning bid from Lewisham: ‘Cultural Activism’, focuses upon bringing communities together to tackle climate change.

The borough is planning on holding a climate change festival, an artist-led tribute to Rock Against Racism and a large-scale dance performance.


Ofcom will have more power regulating content on UK social media 

Regulator Ofcom is to receive more power regulating content across social media.

They will become the Internet’s first watchdog, forcing social media companies to take responsibility for harmful content online such as online grooming, violence, cyber-bullying and terrorism.

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Many social platforms have remained self-regulated until now.

These changes are expected to minimise the risks of such content appearing at all.

Ofcom currently only regulates the media and not Internet safety.

In the new plans, they will look at a legal duty of care.

Phoebe McIndoe reports:


2021 Census to be UK’s last

The UK’s National Statistician, Professor Sir Ian Diamond, has revealed 2021 may be the last ever UK Census.

Professor Sir Ian said:

We’d only move away from [the census] if we can replicate that richness of data.

The UK Government will have the final say in 2023 on whether the Census will be scrapped.

However, Sir Ian has suggested there are several cheaper alternatives to provide information.

GP lists, ordinance surveys, driving licence and council tax data, could all act as an alternative to the UK Census.

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The Census has been conducted for almost 200 years and provides information to local councils.

The Office for National Statistics estimated the cost of the next census as £906 million.

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