Condition of Prime Minister Boris Johnson worsens as he is moved into intensive care

Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Downing Street media conference in March 2020. LMMNews screen grab from Downing Street media.

Britain wakes this morning knowing that Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s condition while fighting the COVID-19 virus is so serious he needs treatment in intensive care.

The deterioration in his health means that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has taken over his executive government role.

Mr Johnson’s partner and fiancée, Carrie Symonds, who is pregnant with his child is recovering from the illness herself only a few miles away, but the nature of the disease means that she is unable to be by his side.


As Mr Johnson was being treated at St Thomas’ Hospital just over Westminster Bridge from Downing Street, Mr Raab said: ‘the PM’s in safe hands and getting excellent care’ and ‘the government’s business will continue.’


Since being tested positive for coronavirus nearly a fortnight ago, Mr Johnson has been determined to continue leading the United Kingdom in the battle to contain the pandemic which is now claiming many thousands of lives and caused the lockdown in its economy.

The very serious escalation in his symptoms left him struggling to breathe yesterday evening.

It’s understand he has needed oxygen support.

The US President Donald Trump said Americans were praying for his recovery.


All of the morning’s media and newspapers are dominated with the news of Mr Johnson’s move to intensive care treatment.

The Daily Mail online’s headline at 5 a.m. was: ‘Boris Johnson was in charge at 5pm… and in the ICU by 7: How PM’s breathing deteriorated in hours – a day after being admitted to hospital following Zoom video call that left his Cabinet members shocked by his ailing appearance.’

The Daily Mirror’s front page headline is ‘Sick Boris faces fight for life.’

Highest death toll in France, but China reports no deaths.

The international news on the position of the COVID-19 pandemic presents a contrasting picture.

The UK has declared 439 more deaths taking the total to 5,373, and 3,802 new positive tests have pushed the number of patients up to 51,608, though people dying from the virus in care homes and outside hospital are not being included.

France has reported the highest number of daily fatalities.

China says there had been no deaths from the disease for the first time.

The psychological impact on frontline health workers

Britain and other countries have been reporting the increasing tragedy of doctor, nurses and other health-care workers dying from COVID-19.

A further concern is the psychological impact of working in long shifts and treating such intensity of death and dying.


Adults and parents trying to distract and console with comforting images and rituals

People in Washington D.C. USA have been using teddy bears to provide entertainment for children and adults out on their rare outings for exercise.

And in the UK, The London Fire Brigade, has asked their popular fire investigation dog to join in the campaign to persuade Londoners ‘to stay at home, help save the NHS, and save lives.’

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