Another grim daily death toll and the challenge to Manchester police with 494 house parties and 166 street parties during lockdown

Greater Manchester Police graphic showing defiance of the lockdown. Red dots show gatherings for sporting activities; green location of house parties; light blue outdoor gatherings not for sport; dark brown where police have found a street party; bright pink anti-social behaviour incidents.

Number of deaths in UK rises by 881 – a total of 7,978 people have now died in hospital, does not include people dying in care homes

First secretary of state Dominic Raab asked people to forego their idea of Easter in an appeal to maintain the social distancing and self-isolation to combat the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

On a day when there was another national Thursday 8 p.m. applause for front line health workers and it was announced that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s condition improved and was no longer in intensive care, the message from government was to continue staying at home to save lives.


Police forces across the UK have been trying to warn the public that they are prepared to intervene more with their emergency powers to prevent the spread of virus infections through non-essential public activities.

The Greater Manchester Police released a graph illustrating how between Wednesday 25 March and Tuesday 7 April 2020, there were 1132 incidents of lock-down breaches reported across the whole of Greater Manchester.

They included 494 house parties, 166 street parties, 122 group gatherings for sporting activities, 173 gatherings in parks and 112 incidents of anti-social behaviour/public disorder amongst others.

GMP produced a video including celebrities and front line officers urging people to try harder to avoid behaviour that encourages the spread of COVID-19.



The tragedy that is New York

New York state now has more coronavirus cases than any other country outside the US.

The state’s confirmed caseload of Covid-19 jumped by 10,000 on Thursday to 159,937.

This is more than in Spain and Italy.

China, where the virus emerged last year, has reported 82,000 cases.

Workers in hazmat outfits have been photographed burying coffins in a mass grave in New York City.

While New York state leads the world in coronavirus cases, its death toll at 7,000 is behind Spain at 15,500 and Italy with 18,000 fatalities.


British public show their gratitude with another 8 p.m. Thursday night gesture of clapping and applause. 

They came out of their front doors and leaned out of their windows to clap and cheer.

Police, fire and ambulance sounded their sirens.

The British PM Boris Johnson would have heard this in his ward at St Thomas’ Hospital which is on the south bank of the River Thames opposite the Westminster Parliament at Westminster.



How robots may be the best protection against pandemic virus

A food delivery robot from the Broad Branch Market grocery store goes to work in the Chevy Chase neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Robots cannot be affected by the coronavirus- a fact that has also been used in more advanced hospitals.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet tw-align-center”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>A food delivery robot from the Broad Branch Market grocery store goes to work in the Chevy Chase neighborhood of Washington, DC. <br><br>The store began using the robots about two weeks ago and makes 10-15 deliveries a day within a limited area of the neighborhood<br><br>📸 Nicholas Kamm <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; AFP news agency (@AFP) <a href=””>April 10, 2020</a></blockquote>


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