Daily death rate from COVID-19 in UK horrendous- fears it might become worst in Europe

The Home Secretary Priti Patel chairing 10 Downing Street daily media conference Saturday 11th April 2020. Image: LMMNews screen grab from Downing Street digital video.

Death rate in this country is now horrendous with daily rate of dying more than in Spain and Italy.

Projections suggest at least another 10,000 people will lose their lives with their families, friends and colleagues grieving.

A further 917 coronavirus-related hospital deaths have been reported in the UK

It brings the total number of deaths to 9,875.

Journalists in all news organisations are being contacted by health workers to complain that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not available in enough numbers, of the right kind and where it is needed.

Home Secretary Priti Patel chaired the Downing Street daily media conference and apologised for this situation.

The Home Secretary says while ‘total crime has dropped’ in the UK ‘criminality continues to adapt.’

She highlighted fraud, child abuse and domestic violence as areas of concern during the UK’s lockdown.

With nearly one thousand people dying every day, the media at all levels have a challenge to convey the humanity and suffering of their grieving families and measure in some way the impact of their loss on society.

The profession of journalism has been endeavouring all over the world to explain the extent of this global tragedy in terms of individuals and their desperate circumstances:

The number of coronavirus deaths in the USA has now reached 20,000 which is the highest in world.

The quarantine and personal protection needed for funerals means they are sparsely attended.

For people with no estate and family the disposal of their bodies means the management of mass grave facilities.

Christians around the world are celebrating Easter Sunday where their prophet, Jesus, is being remembered for overcoming and conquering death despite his crucifixion.

In the UK Church of England churches, and churches and chapels of other denominations have been closed.

Worship has become digitally distanced and is now online.

The Archbishop of Canterbury will be delivering his Easter Sermon today digitally for the first time from his kitchen table:

As most religious services are now online, the doors to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem are closed:

The Queen has recorded a special message for Easter, one week after her television broadcast to the nation last weekend.

Her message was recorded at Windsor Castle and she spoke of light overcoming darkness, and the hope that Easter symbolises.

There have been reports in this morning’s Sunday press of how close the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, came to dying from COVID-19.

Members of the cabinet were saying prayers for him.

St Thomas’ hospital had been told to expect him on Thursday before his admission.

They were surprised to see him clapping for them from his doorstep in Downing Street that very evening.

When he eventually did agree to go in, there was a moment when it was ‘touch and go.’

In a matter of hours he was taken into Intensive care and his doctors considered putting him on a ventilator with the prospect that only one out of two coronavirus patients in such a position emerge alive.

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