Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanks nurses and doctors who saved his life

Prime Minister Boris Johnson after discharge from St Thomas’ Hospital 12th April 2020. Image: LMMNews screen grab from Downing Street Twitter video feed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been discharged from hospital after treatment that included four days in Intensive Care.

Before continuing his recuperation at Chequers, Mr Johnson recorded an Easter Sunday broadcast thanking the health workers at St Thomas’ Hospital for saving his life.

He said: ‘The NHS has saved my life. No question.’

He described how two nurses whom he name-checked as Jenny and Luis, one from New Zealand and the other from Portugal, provided minute by minute care by his bedside over 48 hours.

He emphasised how crucial they were to him when the outcome of his battle with coronavirus ‘could have gone either way.’

He praised everyone in the country who have been following the call to stay at home and said the love for the unconquerable NHS, ‘our precious and most important national asset’ means that it has not been overwhelmed and ‘we will be able to defeat this deadly virus.’

He said:

It is hard to find the words to express my debt to the NHS for saving my life.
The efforts of millions of people across this country to stay home are worth it. Together we will overcome this challenge, as we have overcome so many challenges in the past.

The official figure of people who have died in hospital the UK from COVID-19 has exceeded 10,000 for the first time.

It’s understood the figure would be much higher if those who have died in care homes and at home had been included.



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