Is it now nearly 7,500 deaths in UK care homes as well as 15,000 in hospitals?

Fitzwarren Care Home South Marsten, Swindon- one of many where residents have died from the coronavirus pandemic.

Leading industry body fears as many as 7,500 people may have died contracting coronavirus in UK care homes.

Care England, which represents independent care firms, said it had collected data which suggested fatalities are far higher than those released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which recorded 217 care home deaths from COVID-19 up until April 3.

Chief Executive Prof Martin Green told the Telegraph newspaper:

If we look at some of the death rates since April 1 and compare them with previous years’ rates, we estimate a figure of about 7,500 people may have died as a result of Covid-19.

Britain suffered another 847 coronavirus deaths recorded in hospitals on Friday 17th April taking the total to 14,576 cases.

A former WHO official warned there could be 40,000 lives lost in the first outbreak.

NHS frontline staff have been asked to treat coronavirus patients without gowns and are told to ‘wash their arms’ and reuse PPE as hospitals say they are running out of stocks within hours

The UK Government has been under fire for weeks over what has been described as a ‘shambles’ PPE distribution.

Clinical staff have been advised to wear ‘coveralls’ with aprons when gowns are not available

Updated guidance from Public Health England says PPE should be ‘reused’ if there is inadequate supply

Political storm in USA

US President Donald Trump has urged supporters to ‘liberate’ three states led by Democratic governors in an apparent attempt to stoke up protests against stay-at-home restrictions.

Some states under Republican leadership have been discussing the easing up on the mandates aimed at stopping the coronavirus.

A day after laying out a road map to gradually reopen the economy, Mr Trump tweeted rhetoric some of his supporters had been using to demand the lifting of the lockdown orders that have led to millions of Americans losing their jobs.

Trump used capital letters in Tweets saying “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” “LIBERATE VIRGINIA.”

He also hit out at New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo for criticising the federal response to the pandemic.

The President said Mr Cuomo should spend more time ‘doing’ and less time ‘complaining.’



Spitfire flypast planned for 99 year old Captain Tom as his fund-raising for NHS getting to £21 million

It’s being reported that a Spitfire flypast is being planned to mark the 100th birthday of Captain Tom Moore, who has raised more than £21 million for NHS charities.

The Second World War veteran initially aimed to raise £1,000 and walk 100 lengths of his Bedfordshire garden before turning 100 on April 30.

But more than a million donors have helped the fundraiser approach £21.5 million.

He completed his 100th lap on Thursday but as donations continue to pour in, he’s vowed to keep going.

He’s also taken part in a charity single with the NHS Voice of Care Choir.

Stay at home restrictions throughout the world galvanise creativity

Music has been originated using teleconferencing, poetry and live performances reaching out over the rooftops from city balconies.

The bulletin ends with pandemic images from around the world collected by the international news agency Agency France Presse.


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