Flooding in Africa kills more than 200 people and other stories

Kasese and East African region of Uganda and Kenya around Lake Victoria affected by flooding. Image: Google Satellite.

Flooding in Africa kills more than 200 people

Both Kenya and Uganda have been hit by deadly flooding.

It is expected that more than 200 people have died as a result.

Recent heavy rains have caused around 8,000 acres of crops and some vital infrastructure to wash away.

This has been devastating for local communities.

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In Uganda, Lake Victoria has reached unprecedented levels after the heavy rainfall which is set to continue for several weeks.

Many shoreline communities have been forced to abandon their homes.

In the town of Kasese many people have been forced to flee to safety when local rivers burst their banks.

Several Eastern African countries have also been impacted by COVID-19 and a locust invasion.

Thirteen people have died, hundreds of others are injured, after a gas leak in Southern India

The gas leak, which occurred in the city of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh state, has been traced to the LG Polymers plant.

The leak happened when the plant was re-opened for the first time since India went into lockdown on the 24th of March, to curb the spread of coronavirus.

India officials said the incident occurred around 3.00am local time and may have been due to negligence.

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Doctors say patients have been complaining of a burning sensation in the eyes and difficulties breathing.

Areas around the plant have been evacuated.

Reports suggest initial attempts to control the gas leak were unsuccessful.

Company and state officials say the situation is now under control.

India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi held an emergency disaster meeting.

Trump describes coronavirus as worse than Pearl Harbor

US President Donald Trump has said the COVID-19 pandemic is seemingly the ‘worst attack’ ever on America.

He has pointed the finger at China.

He compared the outbreak to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in WW2 or the 9/11 attack back in 2001.

Trump’s administration is considering how it can discipline China over its early handling of the global health crisis.

An official in Beijing says the US wants to distract from its own response to the pandemic.

Since the crisis began and proceeded to spread around the globe, coronavirus in America has infected more than 1.2 million and has killed more than 73,000 people.

PPE scandal as gowns ordered from Turkey fail to meet safety standards

The UK government says over 400,000 surgical gowns ordered from Turkey do not meet British safety standards.

Half of the PPE has already been flown over to the UK by the RAF last month, but has not been distributed to NHS workers and is now stuck in a warehouse.

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It is unknown whether the UK government will seek a refund from the suppliers.

The Department of Health said it was working ‘night and day to source PPE.’

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