Wuhan to test all of its 11 million residents and other stories

Wuhan on a map. Image: KOBU Agency

The Chinese city of Wuhan is working on plans to test all of its 11 million residents for Covid-19 according to state media.

It comes after a cluster of six new cases emerged over the weekend.

These were the first new cases in 35 consecutive days.

As none of the cases seem to have been imported from outside the country, it sparked concern over the virus still spreading in the city where it first occurred.

The city has been starting to ease strict lockdown measures since 8 April.

However, the emergence of new cases now endangers any movements back towards normality.

After the city has started to ease the strict lockdown on 8 April the emergence of new cases now endangers any movements back to normality.


South Korea rushes to contain cases after sudden new outbreak in nightclubs 

Officials in South Korea are rushing to contain a new outbreak of coronavirus after recording more than 100 new cases connected to a single individual who recently visited several nightclubs in Seoul.


Bars and discos across Seoul have now been closed as fears over a second outbreak rose.

South Koreas has previously been praised for its handling of the coronavirus crisis.


Seoul’s mayor Park Won-soon stated that 101 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed since the new outbreak last week with most of the cases being linked to one 29-year-old man.


Five coronavirus patients on ventilators die in Russian hospital 

A fire in a hospital in St. Petersburg has killed five people being treated for Covid-19 and has led to 150 people being evacuated.

An overloaded ventilator is thought to be the cause of the blaze in the intensive care unit at St George Hospital on Tuesday morning.


It comes only days after another fire took place in Spasokukotsky Hospital in Moscow.

A criminal investigation on charges of negligence has been launched by Russia’s Investigative Committee.

With more than 220,000 coronavirus cases, Russia currently has the second highest rate of growth after the US.


At least 13 people killed after gunmen storm a maternity hospital in Kabul

A shootout between police and a group of gunmen who attacked a maternity hospital in Afghanistan has left 13 people dead.

Amongst those killed were at least two newborn babies.


In an attempt to evacuate the facility, Afghan forces carried newborn babies and their mothers out of the hospital.

A further fifteen people were wounded in the attack on the Dasht-e-Barchi hospital and dozens were evacuated, according to an official from Afghanistan’s ministry of interior.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the assault and the Taliban said they were not involved.

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