Man Utd’s Marcus Rashford wins campaign for free school meal vouchers

Twitter page for Marcus Rashford from which he launched and won his campaign. Image: Screen grab of

The UK government has made a U-Turn after Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford stepped up the campaign pressure demanding an extension of free school meal vouchers over the holiday period.

A ‘Covid summer school fund’ is now being set up by the government to help feed children from low income families during the holidays.

Children who are eligible during term time will receive a six week voucher.

The campaign initially sparked rows as Prime Minister Boris Johnson rejected the plea.

The Labour party was backing for the decision to be reversed as they supported the appeal.

Responding to the government’s U-turn Rashford took to twitter:


The England Striker captured hearts with an emotional open letter describing his upbringing with a single mum – and urging the Prime Minister not to let kids go hungry.

The pressure had mounted as the government was not meeting the demands but instead promising a £63 million budget for councils to support struggling families.

Embed from Getty Images


Rashford has raised around £20m to supply three meals to vulnerable people whilst partnering with charity FareShare UK during the coronavirus lockdown.

He received a phone-call from the Prime Minister today about his campaign.

He tweeted this message to all MPs:

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