Arrested Met police officer not ‘on duty’ and other stories

Missing: Sarah Everard. Image taken from Metropolitan Police.

A serving police officer arrested yesterday evening in connection with the disappearance of Sarah Everad was reportedly “not on duty” during the time of Ms Everard’s disappearance. 

The assistant police commissioner Nick Ephgrave said the arrest of a serving police officer is “both shocking and deeply disturbing”.

Charges brought against the police officer arrested in Kent remain unknown, but assistant police commissioner, Nick Ephgrave, has described the arrest as a “serious and significant” development in the search.

A woman from the same address was also arrested with the charges of assisting an offender.

Ms Everard, 33, was last seen on the 3rd of March in Clapham.

Police are urging members of the public to come forward with any information.

Teenager charged with murder after Tottenham stabbing

Following the fatal stabbing of a 19 year old man in Tottenham, a teenager has been charged with murder. 

He will appear in custody at Highbury Corner Youth Court later today. 

A further two individuals, both 18, received medical attention and hospitalisation for injuries acquired during the event. 

The Office for National Statistics recorded over 15,000 incidents of knife crime in the capital in 2020. 

This comes at a time when knife crime is on the rise across the nation. An investigation done by the ONS showed a 7% increase of knife/blade related incidents; an average of 120 events a day.

London’s Covid-19 infection rate down by a third

Covid cases have decreased significantly across London boroughs this week with 40 confirmed Covid-19 cases reported per 100,000 people.

People wearing masks in street. Taken from creative commons. Credit Henry Nichols.

The fastest decrease of confirmed cases was 53.35% in Hackney and the City of London whereas the lowest rate of infection was reported in Lewisham.

This significant decrease has some MPs, including Greg Clark, Chairman of the Commons science and technology committee, to question whether lockdown measures should be eased more quickly across the capital.

The government’s long road map out of lockdown has been defended by England’s Chief Medical officer,Chris Witty, who has explained that the five-week pause between each major step is essential to allow scientists to gather and analyse data in an attempt to avoid the risk of a more serious third wave of Covid infections. 

L&G boss: London will bounce back

Legal & General boss, Nigel Wilson, has warned that London will only be able to bounce back from the pandemic with massive investment, adding the economic scars will be severe. 

While it has been reported that yearly profits at L&G have slipped by 12% to £1.8 billion, the company has successfully upheld its dividend at 17.57p which in turn has yielded a 6% income to its investors. 

Legal and General Building. Creative Commons. Steve Cadman.

Mr Wilson also warned of a “K” shape recovery that will see some businesses bounce back while others struggle, calling the Chancellor’s plan to raise corporation tax a “mixed signal” fearing that pre-existing inequalities prior to Covid have now been exacerbated. 

Shares are not back to pre-pandemic highs but the L&G boss insists that “London has still got a great future.”

Emergency Services concerned over Kensington cycle lanes

Officials from the London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service (LAS) have contacted Kensington and Chelsea council with apprehension over the implementation of cycle lanes on High Street Kensington.

LAS. Wikimedia. Darren Hall

Records published by the council document that the London Fire Brigade have worries over their vehicles getting stuck in the narrowed lanes, slowing response times. 

LAS are worried that the cycle lanes will create vehicle congestion – again slowing their response times to 999 calls. 

LAS made it clear they would not instruct their crews to enter the cycle lanes in order to increase response times, despite the lanes being wide enough for emergency vehicles to use. 

A survey conducted among 1,000 residents of the area found two-to-one in support of reintroducing the cycle lanes after their removal in December.

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