Manchester Arena Inquiry: Fire Brigade’s Union continue to give evidence

 Manchester Arena by G-13114

The Manchester Inquiry continued today with two witnesses giving evidence.

Andy Dark was present to discuss the preparedness of the Fire Brigade for the terrorist incident .

Mr Dark said: “If a similar incident was to occur in the UK, the FBU would be surprised if those failings were not to be replicated.”

Andy Dark, Assistant General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, who was returning to complete his evidence from yesterday and Sergeant David Cawley from the British Transport Police.

The Union boss said that there was a problem with the “prepare” strategy that affected not only from the Fire Brigade but the Police and Ambulance services too.

Police Sergeant David Cawley told the inquiry he was on duty in Manchester Victoria when he heard a huge shudder and began running towards the scene.

The Police Sergeant told the inquiry that he felt that his first aid training was not adequate for dealing with the type of “massive injuries” suffered in the Manchester Arena attack.

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